Friday, January 23, 2009

Top Tens Series 8: Directors

Alfred Hitchcock
5) Rear Window
4) Psycho
3) The 39 Steps
2) North By Northwest
1) Vertigo

Stanley Kubrick
5) Spartacus
4) The Shining
3) A Clockwork Orange
2) 2001: A Space Odyssey
1) Dr. Strangelove or:

David Lean
5) Oliver Twist
4) The Bridge On the River Kwai
3) Brief Encounter
2) Doctor Zhivago
1) Lawrence of Arabia

Quentin Terantino
5) Jakie Brown
4) Kill Bill Vol. 1/2
3) Inglourious Basterds
2) Reservoir Dogs
1) Pulp Fiction

Joel/Ethan Coen
5) Raising Arizona
4) The Big Lebowski
3) Miller's Crossing
2) No Country for Old Men
1) Fargo

Steven Spielberg
5) Saving Private Ryan
4) Close Encounters of the Third Kind
3) Jaws
2) Raiders of the Lost Ark
1) Schindler's List

Frederico Fellini
5) Amarcord
4) Satyricon
3) La Strada
2) La Dolce Vita
1) 8 1/2

Roman Polanski
5) Knife In Water
4) Tess
3) The Pianist
2) Rosemary's Baby
1) Chinatown

Robert Altman
5) The Long Goodbye
4) McCabe and Mrs. Miller
3) Nashville
2) Gosford Park
1) M*A*S*H

Clint Eastwood
5) Million Dollar Baby
4) High Plains Drifter
3) Dirty Harry
2) The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
1) Unforgiven

Woody Allen
5) Take the Money and Run
4) Sleeper
3) Crimes and Misdemeanors
2) Manhattan
1) Annie Hall

Yasujiro Ozu
5) Early Summer
4) Tokyo Twilight
3) Late Spring
2) Floating Weeds
1) Tokyo Story

Akira Kurosawa
5) Yojimbo
4) Ran
3) Ikiru
2) Rashomon
1) The Seven Samurai

Krzysztof Kieslowski
5) A Short Film About Killing
4) Three Colors: White
3) The Decalogue
2) Three Colors: Red
1) Three Colors: Blue

Danny Boyle
5) Shallow Grave
4) Sunshine
3) 28 Days Later...
2) Slumdog Millionaire
1) Trainspotting

David Fincher
5) The Game
4) Zodiac
3) Fight Club
2) Se7en
1) The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Ridley Scott
5) American Gangster
4) Thelma and Louise
3) Gladiator
2) Alien
1) Blade Runner

James Cameron
5) True Lies
4) Aliens
3) Titanic
2) Terminator 2: Judgment Day
1) Terminator

Martin Scorsese
5) The Departed
4) Goodfellas
3) Mean Streets
2) Taxi Driver
1) Raging Bull

Billy Wilder
5) Witness for the Prosecution
4) Double Indemnity
3) Some Like it Hot
2) The Apartment
1) Sunset Boulevard

David Lynch
5) Lost Highway
4) The Elephant Man
3) Eraserhead
2) Mulholland Drive
1) Blue Velvet

Hayao Miyazaki
5) Castle in the Sky
4) Spirited Away
3) Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
2) My Neighbor Totoro
1) Princess Mononoke

John Schlesinger
5) Marathon Man
4) Billy Liar
3) Far From the Madding Crowd
2) Sunday, Bloody Sunday
1) Midnight Cowboy

Ingmar Bergman
5) Winter Light
4) Through a Glass Darkly
3) The Seventh Seal
2) Cries and Whispers
1) Wild Strawberries

Michelangelo Antonioni
5) Story of a Love Affair
4) Il Grido
3) La Notte
2) L'Avventura
1) Blow-Up

Michel Powell/Emeric Pressburger
5) The Red Shoes
4) A Matter of Life and Death
3) The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp
2) Black Narcissus
1) Peeping Tom (Powell Only)

Sidney Lumet
5) Serpico
4) Fail-Safe
3) Network
2) Dog Day Afternoon
1) 12 Angry Men

Carol Reed
5) Our Man in Havana
4) The Fallen Idol
3) Mutiny On the Bounty
2) Oliver!
1) The Third Man

Elia Kazan
5) Splendor In the Grass
4) East of Eden
3) A Face In the Crowd
2) A Streetcar Named Desire
1) On the Waterfront

Dario Argento
5) Inferno
4) The Bird With the Crystal Plumage
3) Tenebre
2) Suspiria
1) Deep Red

William Wyler
5) The Big Country
4) Funny Girl
3) Roman Holiday
2) Ben-Hur
1) The Best Years of Our Lives

Cecil B. DeMille
5) The Crusades
4) The Greatest Show On Earth
3) Union Pacific
2) Cleopatra
1) The Ten Commandments

F. W. Murnau
5) Tartuffe
4) The Last Laugh
3) Faust
2) Nosferatu
1) Sunrise

Werner Herzog
5) Woyzeck
4) The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser
3) Nosferatu: The Vamypre
2) Fitzcarraldo
1) Aguirre: The Wrath of God

Norman Jewison
5) The Cincinnati Kid
4) ...And Justice for All
3) The Thomas Crown Affair
2) In the Heat of the Night
1) Fiddler On the Roof

Sydney Pollack
5) They Shoot Horses, Don't They?
4) Micheal Clayton
3) Out of Africa
2) Absence of Malice
1) Tootsie

Jean Renoir
5) Judas Was A Woman
4) The Southerner
3) The Lower Depths
2) The Grand Illusion
1) The Rules of the Game

Orson Welles
5) Touch of Evil
4) Othello
3) The Lady from Shanghai
2) The Magnificent Ambersons
1) Citizen Kane

Jean-Luc Godard
5) A Woman Is a Woman
4) Band of Outsiders
3) Pierrot Le Fou
2) A Married Woman
1) Contempt

Oliver Stone
5) Nixon
4) JFK
3) Platoon
2) Wallstreet
1) Born On the Fourth of July

George Roy Hill
5) The World According to Garp
4) Slaughterhouse 5
3) A Little Romance
2) Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
1) The Sting

Jean-Pierre Jeunet
5) Micmacs
4) A Very Long Engagement
3) City of Lost Children
2) Delicatessen
1) Amelie

Seijun Suzuki
5) Youth of the Beast
4) Tokyo Drifter
3) Detective Bureau 2-3: Go to Hell, Bastards!
2) Tattooed Life
1) Branded to Kill

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Top Tens Series 7: NEW Top 100 Movies [Out Dated]

1. Over 60 minutes long.
2. At least 10 years old (2000 films okay because we are basically in 2010 already).
3. No more then 3 movies from the same director.
4. No 'It's a Wonderful Life' or 'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington'

100) Psycho (1960):down-15
99) Leon: The Professional (1994):new
98) 8 ½ (1963):new
97) The Triumpth of the Will (1934):new
96) Dog Day Afternoon (1975):same
95) Delicatessen (1991):new
94) The Man Who Stole the Sun (1979):new
93) Get Carter (1971):down-36
92) The Long Good Friday (1979):new
91) Chariots of Fire (1981):same

90) Days of Being Wild (1990):new
89) White Heat (1949):down-1
88) The Searchers (1965):down-26
87) Peeping Tom (1960):down-7
86) The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari (1919):new
85) The Maltese Falcon (1941):down-48
84) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000):new
83) Blow-Up (1966):new
82) The Graduate (1967):down-59
81) The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951):up-9

80) Cabaret (1972):down-14
79) The Great Escape (1963):down-7
78) Schindler's List (1993):same
77) My Life As a Dog (1985):new
76) Memento (2000):same
75) Nosferatu (1922):new
74) Castle of Sand (1974):new
73) Intolerance (1916):new
72) Don't Look Now (1973):down-42
71) One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975):down-22

70) Sunrise (1927):new
69) Doctor Zhivago (1965):up-12
68) A Clockwork Orange (1973):up-5
67) Fargo (1996):up-5
66) Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (1960):down-46
65) Fiddler On the Roof (1971):new
64) Pulp Fiction (1994):up-10
63) A Streetcar Named Desire (1951):down-11
62) City Lights (1931):up-1
61) Vertigo (1958):down-51

60) To Kill a Mocking Bird (1962):down-24
59) if.... (1968):down-45
58) Sophie's Choice (1982):up-36
57) 12 Angry Men (1957):up-1
56) The Silence of the Lambs (1991):up-5
55) The Wizard of Oz (1939):up-4
54) The African Queen (1951):down-20
53) Brighton Rock (1947):down-2
52) Duck Soup (1933):up-2
51) North By Northwest (1959):up-3

50) The Sting (1973):up-6
49) Blade Runner (1982):down-1
48) Gone With the Wind (1939):down-22
47) The Deer Hunter (1978):up-23
46) Singin’ in the Rain (1952):up-3
45) West Side Story (1961):same
44) M (1931):down-19
43) Pather Panchali (1955):new
42) The 400 Blows (1959):same
41) The Servant (1963):same

40) The Sound of Music (1965):up-3
39) Modern Times (1936):down-16
38) La Dolce Vita (1960):new
37) The Bicycle Thief (1948):up-10
36) Life is Beautiful (1997)up-3
35) The Apartment (1960):same
34) Taxi Driver (1976):up-16
33) Dr. Strangelove or: (1964):same
32) Metropolis (1927):up-2
31) High Noon (1952):up-5

30) Wild Strawberries (1957):new
29) The Seventh Seal (1957):down-12
28) Chinatown (1974):up-1
27) Annie Hall (1977):same
26) Sunset Boulevard (1950):down-9
25) Brief Encounter (1945):down-17
24) The General (1927):same
23) The Bridge On the River Kwai (1957):down-3
22) The Passion of Joan of Ark (1928):new
21) Cries and Whispers (1972):up-1

20) Obaltan [Stray Bullet] (1960):new
19) Children of Paradise (1946):up-63
18) 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968):same
17) Andrei Rublev (1966):new
16) Tokyo Story (1953):down-5
15) Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949):down-3
14) Rashomon (1950):up-45
13) Raging Bull (1980):up-25
12) The Rules of the Game (1939):new
11) The Seven Samurai (1954):up-4

10) A Fugitive From the Past (1965):new
9) Das Boot (1981):down-2
8) Lawrence of Arabia (1962):same
7) Casablanca (1942):down-4
6) On the Waterfront (1945):down-1
5) The Third Man (1949):up-1
4) The Godfather (1972):down-2
3) The Battleship Potemkin (1925):new
2) The Godfather part 2 (1974):up-2
1) Citizen Kane (1945):same

Friday, January 16, 2009

Top Tens Series 6: Your Pick [Out Dated]

Posting: You read throught the ballot and pick 3-10 movie in each genre. You can look at other of my lists to get an idea of what you want. You don't have to do any genres you dont want to. You may also look at other people's choices if you want some ideas.

The Italian Job
Body Heat
Ocean's Eleven
The Sting
The French Connection
Le Samourai
City On Fire
Graveyard of Honor
Bob le Flambuer
Le Cercle Rouge
Pulp Fiction
A World Without Thieves
The Tomas Crown Affair
Bonnie & Clyde
Youth of the Beast
Blood Simple
The Killing
City On Fire
The Long Good Friday
White Heat
Reservoir Dogs
Brighton Rock
Get Carter
No Country for Old Men
Miller's Crossing
The Lavender Hill Mob
The Godfather
The Public Enemy
Scarface: The Shame of a Nation
Boyz N the Hood

Village of the Damned
Dead of Night
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Profondo Rosso (Deep Red)
Night of the Living Dead
An American Werewolf In London
Dawn of the Dead
Don't Look Now
The Omen
House on Hunted Hill
The Birds
Peeping Tom
Rosemary's Baby
The Exorcist
Children of he Corn
The Shinning
The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari
The Man Who Laughs
The Phantom of the Opera
The Haunting
The Wicker Man
Eraser Head
Les Diaboliques

2001: A Space Odyssey
The Terminator
Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Star Wars
Star Wars Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
The Day the Earth Stood Still
Forbidden Planet
The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension
Blade Runner
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
A Clockwork Orange
12 Monkeys
The Matrix
Godzilla VS. Mothra
The Man in the White Suit
The War of the Worlds
Earth VS. The Flying Saucers
City of Lost Children
The Road Worrier
Mad Max
The Time Machine
The Fly (1958)

This Sporting Life
Raging Bull
8 Men Out
Chariots of Fire
The Hustler
Bull Durham
The Pride of the Yankees
The Natural
Kill the Umpire
Any Given Sunday
Damn Yankees
The Legend of Bagger Dance
The Bad News Bears
Cool Runnings
Bang the Drum Slowly
Breaking Away
Brain's Song
The Karate Kid
The Longest Yard
National Velvet
Roller Ball
Personal Best
Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner
Major League

To Kill a Mocking Bird
12 Angry Men
Inherit the Wind
In Cold Blood
Witness for the Prosecution
Anatomy of Murder
The Insider
Absences of Malice
...And Justice for All
The Cain Mutiny
A Cry in the Dark
A Few Good Men
Judgment at Nuremberg
My Cousin Vinny
A Man For All Seasons
Paths of Glory
Primal Fear
I Confess
The Accused
The Verdict
'G' Men
The Young Mr. Lincoln
The Talk of the Town
A Time to Kill
Reversal of Fortune
Jagged Edge
Adam's Rib
Le Process

Gosford Park
Mulholland Dr.
Blue Velvet
The Usual Suspects
Rear Window
North by Northwest
To Catch a Thief
The 39 Steps
The Lad Vanishes
The Third Man
The Thin Man
The Big Sleep
Blow Up
The Naked City
Strangers on a Train
Murder on the Orient Express
The Man Who Knew to Much
In the Heat of the Night
The Maltese Falcon
The Hound of Baskervilles

Night of the Hunter
The Silence of the Lambs
The 39 Steps
Brighton Rock
The Bad Seed
The Manchurian Candidate
The 6th Sense
Wait Until Dark
Don't Look Now
Blow Up
Get Carter
Leon the Professional
The Birds
Peeping Tom
Key Largo
Double Indemnity
White Heat
The Maltese Falcon
Hidden Fortress
Run Lola Run

City On Fire
Angels With Dirty Faces
Brighton Rock
White Heat
Miller's Crossing
Bonnie & Clyde
Boyz N the Hood
The Godfather
The Godfather part 2
Pulp Fiction
Reservoir Dogs
On the Waterfront
Key Largo
The Killing
Little Caesar
The Long Good Friday
The Public Enemy
Scarface: The Shame of a Nation
The Roaring 20's
The Usual Suspect
Kiss of Death
Le Cercle Rouge
'G' Men
City on Fire
Mean Streets
The Untouchables
Youth of the Beast
Graveyard of Honor

City On Fire
Die Hard
Get Carter
Le Samourai
Le Cercle Rouge
Godzilla Final Wars
First Blood
Gold Finger
Dr. No
Mad Max
Road Worrier
The Italian Job
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Police Story
Run Lola Run
The Matrix
The Bourne Supremacy
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
A World Without Thieves
Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Enter the Dragon
The Killer
The Fast & the Furious
Who Am I?

The Seventh Seal
The Wizard of Oz
Fantastic Planet
Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
Mary Poppins
Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings
The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
The Lord of the Rings: The Twin Towers
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe
Clash of the Titans
Jason & the Argonauts
The Lost World
King Kong
Edward Scissorhands
City of Lost Children
Return to Oz
A Matter of Life & Death
Miracle on 34th Street
The Princess Bride
Alice in Wonderland
Army of Darkness
The Thief of Bagdad

The Shootist
Destry Rides Again
The Searchers
High Noon
Red River
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid
The Wild Bunch
High Plains Drifter
The Magnificent 7
The Long Riders
The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
Union Pacific
The Ox-Bow Incident
Gun Fight at the O.K. Corral
Winchester '73
My Darling Clementine
3.10 to Yuma
McCabe & Mrs. Miller
Ulzana's Raid
How the West Was Won
Duel on the Sun
True Grit
Son of Paleface
Blazing Saddles
The Sons of Catie Elder

The Philadelphia Story
The Quite Man
Now, Voyager
Brief Encounter
City Lights
It Happened One Night
The African Queen
The Graduate
The Apartment
Saturday Night & Sunday Morning
To Catch a Thief
Annie Hall
Daddy Long Legs
Shakespeare in Love
Roman Holiday
All the Heaven Allows
An Affair to Remember
Breakfast at Tiffany's
The Princess Bride
The English Patient
The Lady Eve
Safety Last
A Little Romance
The Rules of the Game
Days of Being Wild

All Quite on the Western Front
Henry V
Apocalypse Now
The Great Escape
Seven Samurai
Lawrence of Arabia
The Godfather
The Godfather part 2
The Bridge on the River Kwai
Children of Paradise
Schindler's List
The Tin Drum
Saving Private Ryan
Das Boot
The Life & Death of Colonial Blimp
Barry Lyndon
Triumph of the Will
Doctor Zhivago
Gone With the Wind
Fiddler on the Roof
The Ten Commandments
Army of Shadows
Battleship Potemkin

The Apartment
Whiskey Galore
Carry on Up the Khyber
Annie Hall
Blazing Saddles
Kind Hearts & Coronets
The Man in the White Suit
The Pink Panther
The Lavender Hill Mob
The Ladykillers
The Graduate
Modern Times
This is Spinal Tap
Duck Soup
A Night at the Opera
The General
Some Like it Hot
The Gold Rush
It Happened One Night
Take the Money & Run
Local Hero
Shakespeare in Love
I'm All Right Jack
City Lights
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love the Bomb
Sherlock Jr.
Waiting for Guffman
Life of Brain

My Life as a Dog
The Bicycle Thief
The Deer Hunter
A Streetcar Named Desire
Days of Being Wild
The Seventh Seal
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Sophie's Choice
The Servant
Sunset Boulevard
The 400 Blows
Brief Encounter
The Goddess
The Last Picture Show
The Rules of the Game
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
8 1/2
To Kill a Mockingbird
This Sporting Life
Ace in the Hole
Graps of Wrath
Doctor Zhivago
The Best Years of Our Lives
Black Narcissus
Children of Paradise
The Sweet Smell of Success
Saturday Night & Sunday Morning
On the Waterfront

O Lucky Man!
Meet Me in Saint Louise
An American in Paris
My Fair Lady
Top Hat
Yankee Doodle Dandy
Singin' in the Rain
West Side Story
The Sound of Music
The Wizard of Oz
42nd Street
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Daddy Long Legs
Fiddler on the Roof
The Red Shoes
On the Town
A Star is Born
The King & I
Mary Poppins
Funny Girl
Hello, Dolly
All that Jazz
Swing Time
The Jazz Singer
Guys & Dolls
Moulin Rouge!
Little Shop of Horrors
The Band Wagon